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Daily GK & Current Affairs Quiz : 20 December 2017

Daily GK & Current Affairs Quiz

Dear aspirants here is the today’s Daily GK & Current Affairs Quiz for SSC Exam Preparation. We are here providing the most important questionnaire for the all upcoming examinations. Take a online SSC Quiz and evaluate your exam preparation.

Daily GK & Current Affairs Quiz

1) Which of the following countries does not meet the border with Iraq ?
a) Turkey
b) Syria
c) Jordan
d) Israel
2) Aswan dam is on which of the following rivers ?
a) Mississippi
b) Nile
c) Javary
d) Huang He
3) Where was Gadar Dal formed ?
a) California
b) Sensfrancisco
c) New York
d) Chicago
4) Who founded the Independence League ?
a) Motilal Nehru
b) Madanmohan Malviya
c) Surendranath Banerjee
d) Subhash Chandra Bose
5) Who is the Secondary Sector of the Economics in the following?
a) Agriculture
b) Manufacturing
c) Service
d) None Of These
6) Who is the Chairman of the planning commission in India ?
a) President
b) Vice President
c) Prime Minister
d) Finance Minister
7) Where is Salar Jung Museum Located ?
a) Jaipur
b) Hyderabad
c) Mumbai
d) Lucknow
8) The Folk Painting “Madhubani” is famous in which state  ?
a) Assam
b) Bihar
c) West Bengal
d) Odisha
9) Buddhism was founded by ?
a) Mahaveer Jain
b) Gautam Buddha
c) Sankaracharya
d) Guru Nanak
10) Who is defeated in 1540 by Sher Shah Suri at kannauj  ?
a) Jahangir
b) Akbar
c) Aurangzeb
d) Humayun
Question No Correct Answer
1. D
2. B
3. B
4. D
5. B
6. C
7. B
8. B
9. B
10. D

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