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Daily GK & Current Affairs Quiz : 11 December 2017

Daily GK & Current Affairs Quiz

Dear Aspirants Here is the Today Daily GK & Current Affairs Quiz on the basis of the Real Exam Pattern. We have tried our Best to provide the most lucrative and valuable General knowledge and Current News based Quiz for betterment of Exam Preparation. If the aspirants follow and solve these quizzes then it will help to achieve them a very good Score in final Exam. Here is the Today’s Daily GK & Current Affairs Quiz:

Daily GK & Current Affairs Quiz

1) Which one of the following Schedules of the Indian Constitution of India contains a list of recognized languages?

a) First Schedule
b) Fourth Schedule
c) Eighth Schedule
d) Second Schedule
2) How Schedules are in Constitution Of India Currently?
a) Ten Schedules
b) Five Schedules
c) Eight Schedules
d) Twelve Schedules
3) Who is discovered the Vitamin K ?
a) Holker
b) Armstrong
c) Henrik Dam
d) Hopkins
4) Who is Elected the 95th Prime Minster Of Japan?
a) Tadamori Oshima
b) Shinzo Abe
c) Junichiro Koizumi
d) Shintaro Abe
5) What is the Chemical Name Of Vitamin A?
a) Retinol
b) Thiamine
c) Riboflavin
d) Ascorbic Acid
6) Which one Blood Group is Called Universal Donor
a) B
b) A
c) AB
d) O
7) On Which Day the Armed Forces Flag Day is celebrated ?
a) 6th December
b) 7th November
c) 8th October
d) 7th December
8) In which Sports the Gurdeep Singh is associated with?
a) Boxing
b) Weight Lifting
c) Hockey
d) Football
9) Where is the Reserve Bank Of India (RBI) HeadQuarter is located ?
a) Delhi
b) Mumbai
c) Calcutta
d) Chennai
10) What is the Full Form Of GST?
a) Good Sales Tax
b) Global Service Tax
c) Goods and Services Tax
d) Gau Sewa Tax


Question No Correct Answer
1. A
2. D
3. C
4. B
5. A
6. D
7. D
8. B
9. B
10. C

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Candidates must be follow the Daily GK & Current Affairs Quiz study materials regularly for SSC Exam Preparation. These quizzes is regularly provide to help in your preparation. The SSC Guide team wish you all the best for all the upcoming exams.

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